So, you have aced the process so far and it is time for the final interview. After the final interview, a decision will be made. We recommend you get a “G.R.A.S.P.” on the interview!


Ever heard this one?  You never get a second chance to make a first impression?  Remember to greet every person warmly with a smile, firm handshake and eye contact.  Don’t forget to acknowledge people who you pass in hallways with a smile and eye contact.  Particularly, executives assistants and environmental services staff.


Build rapport by finding things you have in common with those you are interviewing.  Common conferences, schools, hobbies, sports etc.  Finding things you have in common with the people interviewing you will not only help you get the job but will help you start out the job on the right foot!


Be prepared with questions that demonstrate your knowledge and show you have done your research.  Additionally, ask questions in a “hospital/community-centric” manner.  Example: If I am selected for this position and am successful, where will it lead in five years”  OR “What is your vision for this department and what role can I play in that”…same question phrased two different ways.  If you were the interviewer, which would you rather hear?

Shock them with your knowledge

It is surprising to find out how rarely candidates do deep research into the organizations where they are interviewing.  By researching and discovering small important facts and sharing them in the interview process you will put yourself heads and shoulders above the crowd!

Pay a sincere compliment

Everybody likes to receive affirmation on doing a great job.  When you see where a company has succeeded, compliment them on their success.  Example: “I can tell you guys all really care about the success of this department.  It would be a pleasure to join such a committed group of professionals”.