There are many benefits to video interviewing. It allows for face to face interaction, while also saving time and travel. The downside is that the technology can be a challenge and doesn’t always work 100%. A lot can depend on internet speed, the platform and things outside of our control. Here are a few tips to make sure video interviews go off without a hitch. Note, all of these tips are mentioned because they are real life stories, names have been omitted to protect the innocent:

  • Do the interview in a room where you would be comfortable having guests. Office, dining room, family room, kitchen? Yes.  Bedroom, bathroom, garage, public coffee shop? No.
  • Make sure there isn’t anything weird or distracting on the wall behind you. No weird posters, messy calendars, lava lamps, chalk drawings, macrame curtains, glow lights, political posters. While those may be enjoyable works of art for you and/or your friends and family, the person with whom you are interviewing may not be as appreciative. Think “doctors office wall art”.
  • Dress as if you are interviewing in person, hair, makeup for ladies, ties for guys, the whole enchilada. Don’t forget to wear your pants. True story, skype stopped working, the interviewer said why don’t you grab your phone. The job seeker jumped up to grab his phone, in his boxers. Oops. Don’t be fodder for “what not to do” interview blogs. Wear your pants.   
  • Conduct a technology test run with a friend a few days in advance. This is a true dress rehearsal, same rules as above. Especially the pants part.
  • Make sure to log in 10 minutes early, have your resume, a note pad, your calendar and your cell phone on the table with your computer. Shut down any other programs that may be running on your computer, it can slow down your streaming and make the sound have a weird “reverb”. Turn off any chatting, social media or anything that could make a noise or be a distraction during the interview.   

It is a true story that there is only one chance to make a first impression. You can adhere to the etiquette above, and also be your true self. If there is a good match, everybody will enjoy the interview and you can look forward to meeting in person. Always remember, and never forget, it is inappropriate to interview in your underpants.