Phone interviews are challenging. All of the subtle nuances of in-person communication are lost in favor of saving time and travel. However, it is a great tool to establish mutual continuing interest before committing to an in-person meeting. A couple of tips for phone interviews:

Dress appropriately.  Even though the interviewer won’t be seeing you in person, the way you dress will affect your self-image.  Your self-image will affect how you present yourself on the phone.

Use appropriate posture, or even better stand up.  Proper posture impacts your voice inflection.

Smile, even if it won’t be seen it will be heard over the phone.

Be prepared. Have your resume in front of you.  Also, have a short list with your “war chest of successes” and insightful questions prepared. Remember that the phone interview is a tool to get invited to the next step. The goal is to get the invitation.  Be prepared to use a strong closing question. Example “Do you have any additional questions about my background that I can answer prior to our meeting in person?”

Have your calendar handy.  If you get invited to the next step let them know your availability. If you feel particularly strong about wanting to move the interview to the next step, a great closing comment would be, “I am available on (fill in a few date choices) to meet in person or to talk to the next person via phone, and look forward to continuing the interview process”.   

Lastly, no interview is complete until you send a thank you note.  We will always have the address at hand for you if you need. A professional thank you note is a must in today’s competitive job market. For more tips on a professional thank you note, call your recruiter.