Phone Interviewing

Before the Interview

  • Use a landline. A cell phone may drop the call or distort an applicant's voice.
  • Turn off call waiting; it's annoying.
  • No background noise; no TV, no music, no kids, no barking dogs.
  • Place your resume in front of you, along with the job description.
  • Keep a pen and paper on hand; take notes.

During the Phone Interview

  • Ask the interviewer for the correct spelling of his/her name; verify the title.
  • Speak slowly; enunciate words and use proper grammar.
  • Don't interrupt; it's not polite.
  • Don't ramble; make your answers brief.
  • Ask questions; this shows the interviewer you have interest in the job.
  • Thank the interviewer.

After the Phone Interview

  • Send a note of thanks within 24 hours via email or regular mail; it shows gratitude and interest.
  • Career Services departments at college and universities interact regularly with professionals in the business community.

Communication in both speech and writing are valuable business skills for employers. It's important to remember that with little thought and practice before a telephone interview, you can help ensure that a prospective employer will maintain interest in you.